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What to Expect at Westside

Are you planning a visit to Westside? We would love to have you!!! You'll get some enthusiastic hand shakes and you will see a lot of big smiles. But there are a few other things to expect.

What to Wear

Westside has people from all walks of life. Some people are casual and others are formal. Whether you are wearing flip flops and shorts or a suit and tie, you are welcome at Westside.


Service Order

We normally start with a couple worship songs and a time to greet each other. Then we have a Bible based sermon in order to learn about our faith. Then we end with music, an offering, and some announcements.


Our band leads our Westside family in songs that are energetic, uplifting and gospel centered. We sing a mixture of modern and contemporary worship songs.


Westside Kids

Westside Kids meets during every Sunday morning service. We sing upbeat worship songs and learn about Jesus Christ through curriculum based learning that is geared towards each specific age group.


Westside Community Church is located in Apopka, Florida at 1937 Lakeville Road.

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